Alan Kay

Alan was born and raised in Georgia, where he spent the majority of his childhood in the forests making shelters with his beloved hatchet. His passion for the woods grew as the years passed, and by the time he was in his 20s, Alan had acquired the skills and mindset necessary to adapt and survive in any environment. In an effort to increase his understanding of edible and medicinal plants, Alan sought out and studied under a number of knowledgeable elders, all of whom helped to round out his growing skill set. He also spent time developing proficiency in the combative arts, including barehanded, stick, and knife fighting. Alan is a seven year veteran of law enforcement and has also been trained in tactical medical care. In 2015, Alan was able to survive for 56 days on Vancouver Island alone and unsupported. For the past 15 years, Alan has taught survival, preparedness, and self-defense skills. Empowering others with the skills necessary for true self-reliance is his passion.


Knowledge truly is power. Think about this: humans are the only creatures that cannot readily survive in their natural environment. It seems we are rapidly devolving and no longer possess basic survival skills. I will help you recapture the knowledge that has been lost to our modern way of life by teaching you to locate and utilize the resources you need to keep you alive. Survival is largely a mental endeavor; you will learn to befriend fear and make calm, rational decisions based on your actual needs. Every situation is unique. Learn to adapt! Learn to survive!


In recent years preparedness has gone mainstream…and rightly so. Look around.  We face many threats, from severe weather and terrorist attacks, to more catastrophic events such as socio-economic collapse and power grid failure. Regardless of the threat, your needs remain the same. Will you be able to provide enough food and potable water for your family? How will you stay warm?   Are you truly capable of protecting yourself and your loves ones?  I provide first rate training and consultation that is grounded in reality and customized specifically for you based on variables such as your age, financial situation, mobility, and location. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or a complete novice, I will take your preparedness to the next level.


Sadly, violence seems to be an increasing part of our daily reality. In a real world attack, you will have only a fraction of a second to react, and your action or inaction could determine life or death for you or your companions. Understanding violence is the key to surviving it. I offer defensive training in Unarmed Combatives, Edged Weapons, and Firearms, as well as training in Emergency Medical Procedures to help keep you or your loved ones alive until definitive medical care can be obtained.

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